October 14, 2019

Portfolio of Hammad changed within 24 hours

The government withdrew the previous notification for the appointment of Hammad Azhar as Federal Minister of Revenue and now granted him the Economic Affairs space, considered less important than Finance and Revenue.

However, Hammad Azhar in his tweet on Wednesday said: “I am grateful to PM Imran Khan for my promotion as a federal minister and for entrusting me with the portfolio of Economic Affairs, InshAllah will continue to do my best to achieve our goal as a Naya Pakistan.” .

It is also being discussed in some circles in Islamabad that there is the possibility of raising the President of the Federal Revenue Board (FBR), Shabbar Zaidi, as PM Advisor in Revenue, and can appoint someone within the bureaucracy in the post of the president of FBR. When the portfolio of the Income Division was handed over to Hammad Azhar through a notification after being sworn in on Monday, it simply meant that more than 70 percent of the IMF program and its implementation were excluded from Dr Hafeez Shaikh’s domain. only one push. . The $ 6 billion IMF program in an Extended Fund Extended Fund (FEP) revolves primarily around the Revenue Division, as the Fund itself recognized that the ongoing program of the IMF focused primarily on income mobilization. If the Income Division is excluded from Dr. Shaikh’s domain, then it will simply be responsible for issuing notices of electricity prices quarterly and gas prices every two years. The currency and exchange rate is already under the jurisdiction of the State Bank of Pakistan.

There is a complete confusion and lack of cohesion in the functioning of the government, since the decisions were made without a well thought out strategy, so it had to face many criticisms. The inexperience and the lack of coordination have been the hallmark of the rule of the last 11 months of the titular regime.

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