October 14, 2019

Ephedrine case — A perfect example of political witch hunting

The News has conducted a thorough investigation into the ephedrine case to determine whether all the culprits involved in this case have been penalized and have come to their logical end or not.

The documentary record of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) against the nine companies allegedly involved in selling their share of ephedrine to drug traffickers shows that Hanif Abbasi is the only person who has received a life sentence. The remaining companies have been acquitted, they have been given a clean order or they have not even been charged in this case despite the fact that almost nine years have passed.

In 2014, the ANF court has already acquitted two companies (Neutro Pharmaceuticals and Genome Pharma) facing the same charges. Two other companies that obtained 9500 kilograms of ephedrine have not yet been charged and one of the defendants not only sold the company but also found it nearby. to Prime Minister Imran Khan quite frequently.

Surprisingly, a company that has identical similarities to the case of Hanif Abbasi has been given the nod two months after the life sentence of the leader of PML-N.

The ephedrine case investigation officer has fled the country and now resides in Italy. One of the main and one of the most senior people in the ANF Ramzan Gil was the leveling of the accusations of having taken a house as a gift from one of the companies for giving clean information.

According to reports, the senior official was removed from ANF after the accusations proved correct. The key man who played an important role in the management of this case has been named partner in one of the defendant’s companies.

Interestingly, ephedrine is not yet included in the list of 85 controlled substances that are classified as banned drugs and whose possession is punishable by death or life imprisonment. However, despite not being on the list of controlled substances, the ANF court took help from Google and related it to a controlled substance, methamphetamine, since it can be obtained from ephedrine. Based on this Google investigation, the judge granted the life sentence to Hanif Abbasi.

The court of the High Court of Lahore, a member of the Hanif Abbasi appeals court, has asked the prosecution team if ephedrine has been added to the program of the Narcotic Drugs Control Act of 1997, the response of the prosecution was negative. This shows that he has been granted the death sentence even for a crime that until now does not appear in the Law on Control of Narcotic Substances of 1997.

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