November 21, 2019

Kevin Pieterson responds to publication claiming to shut him up for Morgan criticism

Kevin Pietersen tweeted himself justifying himself for calling Eoin Morgan after England’s defeat against Australia in the group stage of the Cricket World Cup.

Pietersen shared a photo of a famous British news site that reported that Eoin Morgan said: “We will shut you up, KP.”

Pietersen expressed his anger at this and offered a justification saying: “Shut up!?! I have been one of the most vocal supporters of England in this World Cup …!”

Mitigating further, the former British cricketer wrote: “I noticed a weakness of Morgan and as an expert, I mentioned it. It can not simply be praise, praise, praise! “

In a previous tweet, Pietersen suggested that Morgan “looked scared” of Mitchell Starc’s bowling during England’s defeat against Australia during the group stage. Writing on Twitter at the time, Pietersen said that “I had not seen a captain show such weakness for a while” and that it was “a sign of horror” for England.

Morgan was seriously offended in the tweet and, while talking to the media, said: “They are not the ones who consider themselves good for a team environment and do not take seriously the best interests of the team or the player.” The boys are doing everything possible to do the best for their country, trying to learn, trying to improve. “

Pietersen, however, expressed support for England, ending the tweet with “Anyway, we will win today or tomorrow …”

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