November 21, 2019

US to probe alleged abuse of migrant children by border agents

One incident involved a 15-year-old girl from Honduras, who alleged that a border agent had committed sexual misconduct by tempting her against other migrants and officials during what NBC News said should have been a routine record.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP), which has received harsh criticism for its treatment of detained immigrants, said it takes “all complaints seriously and investigates all formal complaints.”

CBP “treats those in our custody with dignity and respect and offers multiple avenues to report any allegations of misconduct,” a spokesperson for the agency said in a statement.

“The accusations do not align with the common practice in our facilities and will be investigated thoroughly.”

The spokesman added that the charge of sexual assault is already being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security.

The reports obtained by NBC News also included an account of a 16-year-old Guatemalan youth who said that after he and other detainees complained about the taste of the water and food, the agents removed the mats and forced them to sleep on the ground. hard in retaliation.

The account of another teenager involved border agents scolding detainees as they approached a window.

There has been a public outcry in recent months about the conditions in detention centers where migrants are located, and there is a fierce debate in Congress about how to deal with the crisis.

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